Cold weather = miserable riding

The riding season is slowly coming to a halt as winter is approaching and temperatures are dropping below freezing. There is always gear to fit the weather, but it’s expensive and Just not as fun to ride in harsh conditions. Last week I put in a couple of good rides when it wasn’t raining and not too cold. I ended up riding with 4 guys and we snagged a couple trophy’s on Strava during a 40 mile ride. I am looking to get an indoor trainer to put my bike on so I can stay in shape this winter but those are expensive too haha so hopefully birthday presents will large this December👀🤘🏻


Vegan Road Snack👀🍞

The biggest decision when going on a long ride is always what snacks to bring… There are so many options and it’s been a difficult journey in trying to find the best foods to sustain energy and performance levels. This week I decided to make my own snack and the Fall weather called for a delicious chocolate chip pumpkin bread (vegan of course).

The bread turned out to be really good. I took 2 slices on a 25 mile ride and it was a fantastic treat. I ate the slices around mile 15 and finished off the last 10 feeling solid. I had more energy after eating them and didn’t feel heavy. I’m not sure that I will keep making more just to have for ride snacks, but I definitely will have to bake another one soon just to eat🤤

First ride back….🤙🏻

This week was trash. Legitimately ate fast food every day and did not eat a vegan meal once. I ended up being super busy (terrible excuse) this week and because of that never ended up making a vegan dinner. The good news is that my leg is finally back to 100% and your boy is back to riding🤘🏻

The bad news is that the ride was also trash… me and some guys drove up to Little Rock to do a coffee ride. We started at the meteor cafe and headed towards the big dam bridge. About 4 miles in my buddy got a flat tire. He didn’t have an extra tube so I gave him my extra, but while he was trying to put the tire back on he pinched it and busted that one as well. This meant that he was toast and had no way of getting back, me and the other dudes rode back 4 miles to get the truck and drove back to snag him. On top of that I also forgot my glasses and a Knat flew into my eye on the way back. The combination of these two unfortunate events was not ideal. So basically the trip to Little Rock ended up being a waste of time. We made it fun still, but I didn’t get to do the amount of riding I really wanted to.

I know this blog was weak for sure. Hopefully I will have some interesting stories and facts to share next week. Peace out✌🏻

KOMs👑 and injuries

This week has been pretty eventful to say the least… as you know, a couple weeks ago I made the trek from Little Rock to Conway on foot. Well a few days after the event I began to have some pain in my knee. At first it wasn’t bad, but after cycling a couple times it really started to flare up. I was supposed to have the 100 mile race last weekend so I was trying to rest my knee as much as possible leading up to it. The night before the race I decided to eat a pizza for some carbs. Keep in mind I hadn’t had a pizza except for the vegan one I made in a month or two. Well I ended up getting sick twice that night and still drove at 5am in the morning to go to the race. 10 minutes before I was on the start line I got sick again. At that point I had to call it and just take the loss… it was really difficult not to be extremely discouraged and sad but God helped change my perspective throughout the day.

I use this fitness app called Strava when I ride. This app is basically a tool for tracking data throughout the ride and helps to see progress in your fitness. Another cool and fun aspect of the app is the segment timing. You can create different routes in the app so that when you ride that route Strava will time you to see how fast you ride it. This really brings the competitive aspect to cycling without having to race. So the next week I was still feeling a bit of pain in my knee but I was itching to get on my bike again. On Tuesday I went out with a couple friends and was able to steal a KOM (King of the Mountain) on one of the segments In Conway on Dave Ward. This means that I had the fastest time on that segment out of anyone who has ever ridden it. I don’t have too many KOM’s so to snag another one felt pretty good. The only thing that didn’t feel good was my knee after the ride. I could barely walk the rest of the day. I decided to take a break from any physical activity for the time being to heal up to make sure I don’t push myself to the point of long term injury. This next week I will try and focus on vegan dieting despite not being able to see the impact on my physical performance. Hopefully I will be healed up soon and back in the saddle. Peace✌🏻

Plants, Bikes, andddd a little walking…

This week I want to talk about how eating mostly vegan these last three weeks has effected my cycling fitness. After three weeks of eating healthy and mostly eating plant based food, I feel significantly different then before. I have noticed that I don’t get tired after meals but instead feel energized. My desire to workout and do physical activity has also increased. It’s actually been crazy to see how much more energy I have through the day. I have been getting less and less tired spells and also have been getting through days without napping. I am able to eat bigger portions of food as well without having to worry about too many calories or gaining weight. So far the benefits of eating plant based food has far outweighed the disadvantages. Every meal I have made has tasted pretty good and my desire to smash a burger has significantly decreased.

My fitness has also been very good. I have been able to recover well and during workouts feel really energized and light. I rode 3 times this week and one ride went 52 miles at 20 mph avg. after the ride I had a smoothie that had two bananas, a handful of blueberries, two scoops of peanut butter, a handful of spinach, a pod of frozen spiralina, and 2 cups of almond milk. Then I had a bowl from chipotle that had brown rice, black beans, peppers, spinach, avocado, mixed vegetables, and salsa.

This weekend is the 100 mile race in Little Rock. Last weekend I walked from Little Rock to Conway which consisted of 30 miles and took 15 hours and 36 minutes to complete. Total walking time was 11 hours. It was incredibly difficult around mile 22 because our feet started to hurt pretty bad. We started with 12 guys and ended with 7. Needless to say it was pretty brutal at the end but we learned a lot about unity and perseverance. It was also pretty fun. Next week I’ll update you on how the race went and hopefully a cool vegan meal to share with you all. 🤙🏻

Vegan Pizza 🔥

I’ll start off this blog by humbly saying I’m pretty proud of this meal… I wasn’t too sure how it was going to turn out since I was making it from scratch, but needless to say it was amazing. Last Wednesday I flagged pretty hard and didn’t have enough time to make what I wanted to make so this week I decided I was going to put some time in and see what happens. I went to Kroger and got ingredients for the dough and toppings. After making the dough and letting it rise, I added tomato basil sauce and vegan cheese. Then I sliced some tomatoes and red bell peppers and threw those on w/ some chopped garlic and spinach and thyme. After about 12 minutes this thing came out of the oven looking pretty tasty. I think I could’ve chopped the garlic more and had less thyme, but other than that I really enjoyed it.

Over the weekend I was supposed to race in the Arkansas crit state championship but it got rained out… Fortunately I will be doing a 100 mile race called the Big Dam 100 in Little Rock on September 29th. My last ride consisted of my buddy hitting my back tire and railing the pavement pretty hard. I haven’t trained much this week but on Saturday my Wolfpack and I will be walking from Little Rock to Conway so I’m sure that will be ample exercise for the week. 😂 Yes I really mean it, we will be walking 31 miles all day as a pack to bond and learn gratitude and multiple other things God will teach us along the way. It will be pretty interesting to see how it goes, so look forward to next weeks blog because I will probably have some good stories to share! ✌🏻

Sometimes you just gotta improvise

On Wednesday I decided to have a date night with Allie and thought it would be fun to chef up a vegan pizza. Unfortunately I am the worst and forgot to prepare or buy dough because I got caught up in the HPER playing basketball… so needless to say I had to run home and shower before she got to my house. Thankfully I already had some ingredients that I could throw together and this meal actually turned out pretty baller.

I threw some brown rice in a rice cooker first, and then started to cut some veggies. We cut onions, peppers, broccoli, and tomatoes and put them in a wok with some olive oil. We also threw in some green beans last minute with a variety of spices. It took about 20 minutes for the rice to cook, and the veggies didn’t take long. We ended up with a ton of food left over, but it tasted great!

The next day I woke up at 6:30 to go on a 16 mile ride with Matt. We ended up pacing at about 22 miles an hour for our average speed. It was a difficult ride, but I think it was because of the lifting I had been doing that week so my body was exhausted. I had the left overs for lunch and felt pretty good throughout the day.

This Sunday is the Arkansas state championship crit races in Little Rock. This will be my second race ever so I’ll be in with the category 5 racers. It will be interesting to see where my fitness is and how healthy eating has effected it in the last two weeks.